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Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando provides eco-friendly pest control services that are safe for your family, pets and home or business. Choose one-time service or an ongoing pest protection package.

Termite Control

Envirosafe Pest Control Termite Treatment options are safe, odorless, long-lasting, and guaranteed to eliminate termites. Choose a treatment plan.

Bed Bug Control

Envirosafe Pest Control is well aware of the stress and concern created by a bed bug infestation. Our guaranteed treatments are safe for your family and pets and will immediately return peace of mind to your home or business. Eradicating bed bugs is our specialty.

Mosquito Control

With over 80 species in Florida, Pesky Mosquitoes carry diseases such as Zika, West Nile, and many others. Mosquitoes are a year around urban nuisance in Florida. Protect your family. We have several treatment options to choose from.

Orlando's #1 Choice for Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando's environmentally sensitive approach to pest control poses no risk to people, pets, property or the environment. That's why year after year we've remained Central Florida's number one provider of eco-friendly pest control services for home and business owners. We pride ourselves in protecting your family, pets, and home from unwanted pests. We have been protecting health and property in Orlando Florida for over 30 years. We have thousands of satisfied customers all over Central Florida and our highly trained pest control service technicians receive the highest ratings and reviews for our exterminating and pest prevention services.

We care about our customers are our online reputation reflects the service record we have maintained for years.  Our pest prevention services are performed with emphasis on targeted prevention and environmentally conscious applications. We offer natural pest control services and green initiatives with products such as Nature-cide that protect your property from unwanted pests while utilizing the safest possible products available.

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Orlando is the fourth largest city in Florida and boasts a population of over 2 million full-time residents who enjoy a mild climate year-round. Known as “The City Beautiful” and “The Theme Park Capital of the World,” Orlando attracts more than 62 million tourists annually. While Orlando certainly benefits from the tourism, the city is a historical, yet modern, place to live in its own right. Walt Disney World is the most well-known attraction, and Universal Orlando and other Central Florida attractions offer fun and thrills for locals and tourists. Whether it's a night out watching the Orlando Magic or a day at the Magic Kingdom, there's always something to do in Orlando.

The city has the urban feel with its skyscrapers and industries but preserves its rich history. The historic area of “Old Orlando” along Church Street reflects days past, from the brick streets to the century-old Oak trees found in the old neighborhoods around Lake Eola. Lake Eola Heights, Thornton Park, and other areas around the lake feature some of the oldest homes located in Orlando. The history, attractions, and progressive business growth make Orlando a perfect destination for a visit and a great place to live and work.

Orlando's name and its origins are something that locals have debated for decades. Originally named Fort Gatlin, the settlement was constructed in the early 1800s during the Second Seminole War. Most agree that the area was chosen for its defensible location set among three freshwater lakes. What few can agree on is where Orlando got its name. From early settlers to Shakespearean plays, there are a lot of different theories about how the city was named, so it remains a matter of opinion. By 1856, Fort Gatlin would become the county seat of Orange County, originally known as Mosquito County. There should be no argument where that name originated! The town of Orlando would eventually become the incorporated city of Orlando in 1885.

The area around Orlando is mostly made up of wetlands, lakes, and swamps, the perfect environment for a variety of pests. Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando is proud to have served Orlando, Lake, Seminole, Osceola, and the surrounding areas of Central Florida for over 30 years, offering professional pest control exterminating services for homes and businesses. We offer one-time pest control extermination eco-friendly pest prevention and a range of year-round packages for everything including roaches, bed bugs, ants, fleas, mice, rats, termites, millipedes, and much more. We offer pest exclusion for rodents and snakes. We also have a very popular Ultra Yard Plan. Our bed bug treatments, like all of our services, use a safe, organic, eco-friendly integrated pest management approach to help our customers get rid of their pest problems with a 100% guarantee.

Envirosafe Pest Control is located right here in Orlando, which means our highly trained technicians live and work right here where you do. We take a lot of pride in our pest control services. For information on specific pests, please see our "About" section. When you need a professional pest control exterminator in Orlando, we are happy to provide a free phone quote with a detailed plan of our pest procedures and pricing so you can be rest assured we're taking care of you with a plan of action that is effective and safe for your family and home or business. 


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Don’t allow your yard to become a living space for unwanted guests. Our very popular Intensive year around Ultra Yard Plan includes all the outdoor pests that bite, sting and cause health risks to your family and pets. Our intense Ultra Yard Plan includes treatment of fire ants in your entire yard, mosquito control, perimeter and yard treatment of ants, preventative snake control, exterior spider control, exterior fleas and ticks, and exterior bees, wasps, and yellow jackets.


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Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando believes in being the most knowledgeable, most reliable, safest and most environmentally friendly pest control provider in the greater Orlando and Central Florida. These qualities capture the essence of who we are. We provide pest control services, bed bug exterminating and control, termite treatments, termite letters and reports/ WDO inspections for termites, mosquito control programs and much more in the following areas of Central Florida including all of Orange County, Seminole County and Osceola County...

If you are located outside our listed service area, please do not hesitate to contact us as we may provide the service you are looking for in your town. For a detailed listing of communities we service, CLICK HERE

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Envirosafe Pest Control stands alone in delivering safe, effective, organic pest control. We are pleased and thankful to serve our many loyal customers.

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